Comprehensive worldwide expatriate health coverage for your life abroad

ORBE is an expatriate health program that’s there when you need it.

Our comprehensive wellness program enables you to stay healthy with enhanced options as well as robust and broad hospitalization and emergency coverage. You will always be prepared for the treatment that you and your family need.

  • All Plan tiers have a $5 million (USD) limit
  • Coverage of pre-existing conditions may be available upon medical underwriting and application approval by WellAway Limited.
  • Coverage is easy to understand. No co-payments, no deductibles and limited co-insurance (enjoy 0% co-insurance with ORBE 100)
  • Enjoy our premium discount program (no claim bonus)
  • Access to our Worldwide Network of medical providers with a direct billing system
  • 24/7 ConciergeCare service, medical assistance, e-Consultations and a variety of other services.
Traditional expat health insurance is simply not enough.

Along with our comprehensive health plan, ORBE contains features to accommodate your expatriate lifestyle. Your personal ConciergeCare counselor will help you make medical appointments, get a second medical opinion, use case management services, arrange emergency repatriation and provide clear information about the health care system where you are located.

Easy access to quality medical care and affordable for you – Globally.

Travel with peace of mind knowing that your pre-existing conditions will be covered with no waiting periods. ORBE offers flexible plan options, allowing you to choose the best coverage for you and your family.

Plan Highlights:
  • $5 Million (USD) limit on all 3 tiers of coverage; ORBE 80, ORBE 90 and ORBE 100
  • Coverage of pre-existing conditions may be available upon medical underwriting and application approval by WellAway Limited.
  • Your coverage is easy to understand; there are no co-payments, no deductibles and limited co-insurance (enjoy 0% co-insurance with ORBE 100)
  • Keep yourself healthy with our wellness coverage
  • Our plans are flexible to meet your needs. Maternity as well as Dental & Vision coverage are available options if required
  • In case of an emergency, we offer robust and comprehensive hospitalization coverage
  • We offer a very low “capped” out of pocket. It’s hard to anticipate what healthcare you may need and we want to help you determine your costs and plan
  • If you need to be transferred to a different medical facility, Evacuation and Repatriation coverage is included
  • 24/7 ConciergeCare service, medical assistance, e-Consultations and a variety of other services.

How do our plans compare?

Orbe 80 Orbe 90 Orbe 100
Deductible None None None
Coinsurance 20% 10% None
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum USD $6,300 Individual
USD $12,600 Family
USD $3,500 Individual
USD $7,000 Family

Zone 1
Worldwide (including USA)

Zone 2
Worldwide (excluding USA)

Zone 3
Worldwide (excluding Bahamas • Brazil • Bermuda • Canada • China • Hong Kong • Japan • Panama • Singapore • Switzerland • United Kingdom and USA)
Zone 4
Rest of the World (excluding Angola • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Azerbaijan • Bahamas • Bahrain • Barbados • Belgium • Bermuda • Bolivia • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • Chile • China • Cyprus • Colombia • Costa Rica • Croatia • Czech Republic • Denmark • Djibouti • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • Finland • France, Georgia • Germany • Greece • Guatemala • Hong Kong • Hungary • Iceland • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Kazakhstan • Kuwait • Lebanon • Lithuania • Liechtenstein, Luxembourg • Malaysia • Mexico • Monaco • Mozambique • Netherlands • New Zealand • Nigeria • Norway • Oman • Panama • Peru • Portugal • Qatar • Russia • Saint Bartholemy • Saint Martin • Saint Pierre and Miquelon • Saudi Arabia • Slovakia • Spain • Singapore • South Africa • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand • Turkey • UAE • United Kingdom • Ukraine • Uruguay • USA • Venezuela • Vietnam and Wallis • Futuna Islands)

How are our Expatriate programs different from traditional international health insurance?

  • A benefit-rich plan with global coverage designed with the global citizen in mind
  • Access to medical services through a worldwide Open-access provider network with no referral necessary
  • Best in class customer service from our ConciergeCare counselors, available in a variety of different languages
  • A mobile Personal Health Record (PHR), ConciergeCare customer service and a travel allowance to return home for certain types of medical care when coupled with the CFE “Complémentaire”
  • Competitive Prices

Our ConciergeCare Services are designed to provide complete assistance and peace of mind.

Your health should come first when living your life abroad

Building a new life abroad is filled with endless tasks including research and responsibilities. Your dedicated ConciergeCare counselor will provide the necessary healthcare expertise and guidance so that you can live your life while we make sure that your healthcare needs are covered. Our distinguished members are treated in the most welcoming and hospitable manner possible by our multi-cultural ConciergeCare counselors. We ensure that you and your family have easy access to health and wellness services and can focus on building your life in your new country.

For everything we do; service excellence is our guideline

We provide assistance in seeking or arranging medical treatments in your new country and the ability to have your questions and concerns answered in your own language by a ConciergeCare counselor. As an exclusive member, you are entitled to all ConciergeCare services at no extra cost.

Our 5-star ConciergeCare service includes the following:
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance
  • Disease and case management
  • Provider search assistance and appointment setting with the best in class providers
  • Multi-lingual 5-star customer service
  • Social assistance and counseling for expatriates and their families

Your doctor whenever and wherever you are!

E-Consultations & second medical opinion

We offer you the convenience and comfort of knowing you can easily obtain an e-Consultation or second medical opinion at anytime and anywhere.

  • Obtain a second medical opinion online
  • Access a large network of doctors and medical specialists
  • Set appointments online
  • Receive a medical report with diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan
  • Reduce E.R. visits and unnecessary treatment
  • Receive a virtual office visit via webcam on a secure, encrypted platform
Convenience and peace of mind when you need it most

Our e-Consultations and second medical opinions allow you to schedule a virtual office visit with physicians via phone or webcam on a secure, encrypted platform. Physicians can discuss symptoms, diagnose conditions, recommend treatment plans, and prescribe medication when needed.

For those members who require an in-person consultation with a medical specialist, we can arrange for medical appointments, organize hospital admissions, set up travel and lodging accommodations.