Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage Plans

Emergency Evacuation Insurance is an important aspect of international travel medical insurance policies. Emergency evacuation coverage includes the cost of travel to the nearest medical facility and home. It is of great significance for people who are traveling to areas that are high risk or have limited to no healthcare facilities. Emergency medical evacuation insurance added to your international travel policy provides peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the risk of an accident while traveling is always present. Having emergency evacuation insurance helps offset concerns regarding travel to areas of the globe many consider dangerous. Learning more about the medical evacuation insurance coverage available will help you make decisions that could affect you for the rest of your life. For peace of mind, be sure you have an evacuation and repatriation insurance added to your policy so that you know you’ll be able to get home safely.

When reviewing aspects of an emergency evacuation, ask your WellAway representative if your policy covers international medical evacuation insurance and repatriation. The friendly representatives at WellAway will answer all your questions about international medical evacuation insurance, and ensure it includes necessary medical transports, medical evacuation, and repatriation in case you require medical treatment while traveling internationally.