La Vie À l’Étranger

A Health & Wellness Program for French Expatriates featuring the most comprehensive CFE "Complémentaire" available.

Expat health coverage, member service and wellness tools like you have never seen before.

La Vie À l’Étranger is a health & wellness program created for French expatriates residing across the globe, including:

  • Comprehensive health coverage in the USA Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) compliant and worldwide.
  • CFE "Complémentaire" reduces your out-of-pocket medical expenses in the USA.
  • Open-access medical provider network including over 41,000 French-speaking doctors across the USA.
  • 24/7 French-speaking ConciergeCare services.
  • Travel Option to return to France for certain types of medical care.
  • E-Consultations and second medical opinion from world-class physicians and specialists.

Exceptional Member Service - It’s what makes us different.

  • We ensure that our valued members are treated with the utmost care, consideration and professionalism.
  • Members are provided with their own, personal ConciergeCare counselor to help navigate the complexities of the United States’ or any other country’s health system.

More than just expat health coverage!

La Vie À l’Étranger is more than just another health plan; it’s a comprehensive expatriate health program designed to support the health and well-being of French expatriates and their families. All of our plans include:

  • Exceptional Customer Service

Our French-speaking ConciergeCare service is designed to provide complete assistance and peace of mind as you build your life abroad. We are available 24/7 to provide the assistance you require.

  • Open-Access Medical Provider Network

Our network lets you choose from over 1.1 million medical care providers; 41,000 of which are French-speaking physicians. (Note: Referrals are not necessary to consult a specialist.)

  • Travel Option for Medical Care

La Vie A L'Étranger plans include a travel allowance to return to France for some types of medical care.

  • E-Consultations & Second Medical Opinion

Our e-Consultations and second medical opinion allow you to schedule a virtual office visit with physicians over the phone or via webcam on a secure, encrypted platform.

La Vie A l'Étranger Plans

Premier 4500 Prestige 2500
Deductible USD $4,500 Individual
USD $9,000 Family
USD $2,500 Individual
USD $5,000 Family
Coinsurance 30% 20%
Maximum Annual Out-of-Pocket USD $7,150 Individual
USD $14,300 Family
USD $5,000 Individual
USD $10,000 Family

How are our Expatriate programs different from traditional international health insurance?

  • Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) compliance meets the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) requirements so that our members will not be forced to pay a tax penalty
  • Inclusion of wellness and preventive care benefits such as blood pressure and cholesterol screening, mammogram, immunization, colonoscopy and much more
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits
  • Competitive Price

Outstanding Service + Coverage of Excellence = A valuable CFE "Complémentaire"

As a partner of the CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Étranger), our CFE "Complémentaire" provides you with extensive health benefits to keep you healthy and minimize the medical expenses you are responsible for.

  • Comprehensive health coverage in both the USA (Affordable Care Act - Obamacare compliant) and worldwide.
  • Use your CFE coverage to reduce your out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  • Access an extensive network of medical providers including over 41,000 French-speaking doctors.
  • WellAway is your unique point of contact with the CFE at time of application, and reimbursement.
Coverage options for wherever life may take you

For members living in the USA:

  • We offer the only Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) compliant/CFE "Complémentaire" available on the market.
  • Our worldwide option provides benefit-rich coverage to keep you healthy and worry-free while you live your life abroad.
  • We have optimized our integration with CFE to provide members the most streamlined reimbursement process possible.
  • Your ConciergeCare counselor serves as your single point of contact for all service and inquiries regarding your CFE "Complémentaire"

  • What is ACA - Obamacare?

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Health Care reform bill, also known as the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA), into law. The ACA has made sweeping changes to the U.S. health care system and how individuals receive access and coverage for medical care. Many of the ACA’s health care reforms are primarily focused on reducing the uninsured population and decreasing insurance and health care costs. The law consists of a number of provisions and mandates that affect US citizens or residents alike.

  • What is the Individual Mandate?

A key provision implemented under the ACA which requires most individuals to obtain a compliant health insurance coverage or to pay a tax penalty, starting in 2014.

  • Does The ACA and Individual Mandate Affect Expats?

Yes. Foreign nationals and expatriates residing or moving to the US, who maintain residency for 11 months or more, must abide by all provisions and mandates of the Affordable Care Act.

  • How do I avoid tax penalties?

As mentioned above, the Individual Mandate will penalize those who DO NOT obtain compliant health insurance coverage. To avoid paying penalties, it is recommended that you purchase and maintain health insurance coverage that meets Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), such as La Vie À L'Étranger - USA or the New American.

Your doctor whenever and wherever you are!

E-Consultations and second medical opinion

We offer you the convenience and comfort of knowing you can easily obtain an e-Consultation or second medical opinion at any time and anywhere.

  • Obtain a second medical opinion online
  • Access a large network of doctors and medical specialists
  • Set appointments online
  • Receive a medical report with diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan
  • Reduce E.R. visits and unnecessary treatment
Convenience and peace of mind when you need it most

Our e-Consultations and second medical opinion service allow you to schedule a virtual office visit with physicians via phone or webcam on a secure, encrypted platform.

For those members who require an in-person consultation with a medical specialist, we can arrange for medical appointments, organize hospitals admissions, set up travel and lodging accommodations.