International Health Insurance Plans

WellAway Brochure ORBE


International Health Insurance

Worldwide and effective health insurance product featuring a high annual limit and low out-of-pocket costs, ORBE is an expatriate health program that’s there when you need it. Coverage of pre-existing conditions may be available upon medical underwriting. Deductible options give you control over your premium.

Individuals & Families

  • ORBE Gold Annual Limit:
    $7 million USD
  • ORBE Platinum Annual Limit: Unlimited
  • Deductible options to choose from: $0, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000 USD
  • Maternity, dental & vision coverage options available
WellAway Brochure AKIN


Group International Health Insurance

Akin provides coverage options with the tools and resources to find support and security. Great features include lower premium costs and benefits mirroring that of our ACA compliant products. Like the LVE and New American products, Akin includes worldwide coverage for traveling beyond the USA.

Groups & Employers

  • Annual limit of $1,000,000 worldwide & $2,500,000 USA
  • Worldwide coverage with no network restrictions
  • Coverage extended to
    live-in partners
WellAway Brochure LVE

La Vie à l’Étranger

Health Insurance for French Expats

Dependable health coverage uniquely tailored and designed to supplement French members of the Caisse Des Francais de I’Etranger who are destined for the USA. This robust benefit filled insurance plan is ready to fulfill the needs of the French individual and families who are ready to make their life abroad.

French National with CFE

  • Obamacare / ACA compliant
  • Two plans to choose from
  • Coverage extended to live-in partners
  • Access to worldwide open-access provider network
WellAway Brochure New American

New American

International Health Insurance

Worthwhile and thorough health plan for expatriates entering the US to live and work for 11 months of more. Meets the United States’ Minimum Essential Coverage regulations, we designed this program to include the tools and coverage needed to protect you, featuring five plans and competitive pricing.

Individuals & Families

  • Unlimited Annual Maximums
  • Tools and counselor support
  • Worldwide open access network provider
  • No waiting periods, no tax penalties
WellAway Brochure PRISTINE


Short-Term International Health Insurance

An expatriate health program designed to meet your short term needs across the world. Our short-term product offers practical coverage in the event of an accident or illness with additional features including worldwide coverage and a high annual limit. This product is designed to keep out-of-pocket expenses low.

Individuals & Families

  • Instant proof of coverage
  • $2 million USD annual limit
  • Deductible options from
    $500 – $5000 USD
  • Comprehensive in-patient diagnostic coverage
WellAway Brochure STUDENT

Student & Scholars

International Student Health Insurance

We offer several plans to accommodate different types of visa holders. Our product is designed to keep health expenses low, while meeting university requirements as well as meeting U.S. Department of State regulations. No medical exams or paperwork needed to get covered and you receive instant proof of coverage.

Student, Scholars, Workers

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • E-consultations and second medical opinions
  • Experienced global network of healthcare providers
  • Trip interruption coverage