Business Insurance Coverage

Medical issues that arise from personal injury or illness while traveling are typically covered under an international business health insurance policy. These medical policies range from coverage for a few weeks to long-term plans that will protect you throughout the year.

People who choose to live and work outside the United States, on a semi-permanent basis are known as expats (expatriates). For expats, who are working and living outside the United States, it is a requirement to have international business health insurance. For the best coverage at the lowest price, Expats turn to WellAway to find the suitable type of health insurance for their needs.

We at WellAway provide the best solution for employee insurance plans, with policies that cover organizations, businesses, as well as schools group policies, for individuals around the world. In addition to medical, company insurance plans have additional options that provide protection in cases of kidnap and ransom, for those who travel to dangerous parts of the globe.

Those traveling abroad for long periods of time should also choose additional coverage options. One addition to international business insurance policies you’ll want to consider is evacuation coverage. Coverage for medical evacuation requires an additional expense, but the price is negligible when compared to the cost you might incur if you find yourself hospitalized abroad.

Evacuation coverage allows you to return to the United States with the assistance of medical professionals. The coverage you’ll receive if you opt for WellAway provides you with security and ensures you’ll be worry-free if you need medical attention while traveling. We are proud to say that medical facilities across the world accept international business health insurance policies from WellAway.

Employer group health insurance and international business through WellAway provides the protection you want and need while traveling, living, and working abroad – we have coverage for everything from medical and political evacuation option to kidnap and ransom policies. Call us today to learn more!