Government international insurance provides coverage for government employees who travel outside of the country due to their job position requirements. Traveling abroad is an exciting experience, and those traveling for a job must carry health insurance like every other traveler, although some opt to add additional coverage.

Corporate protection insurance provides coverage options for government contractors who travel abroad for their contract work. Whether you are a government employee or contractor, international travel medical insurance is something you must have! WellAway can help you find a policy that meets your requirements and your budget as well. Adding options like evacuation or kidnap and ransom insurance is a wise addition to any government insurance or corporate protection insurance policy, for individuals who travel to high-risk nations due to their work.

Unfortunately, many government positions are high-risk, and dangerous professions require more insurance. We at WellAway are aware of that, and that is why our health insurance for government employees provides needed coverage, at affordable prices! We provide government international insurance designed for professionals who regularly travel on behalf of the government, as employees or contractors, and for those in high-risk professions.

Comparing government medical insurance can be done with WellAway representatives who can explain you your options and advise you about additional ones. Our professionals understand and cater to the unique needs of government employees and contractors. The dedication to service is one of the main reasons the professionals at WellAway seek to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best policies, at the lowest rates, that are simply perfect for your needs!

Ensuring you have all the coverage you need, the professionals at WellAway are always ready to answer questions. Call us, today, to learn more about your Government International Insurance!