Organization Insurance Coverage

Organization Health Insurance for Expats provided through WellAway serves corporate organizations, non-profit organizations, and student organizations, just to name a few. Expats (expatriates) are people who choose to live outside the United States, on a semi-permanent or permanent basis, whether because of work or education. Since health coverage is required while traveling and living in a foreign country, we at WellAway provide Expats with group plan selections through Organization Health Insurance.

Non-profit organizations and organizations of all types need to take extra care when it comes to insurance; they need coverage for property, vehicles, and product liability. Typically, an organization will do the research to find out what type of coverage suits their needs. However, we at WellAway will do all the hard work for you, and help you will find a policy that provides the best coverage, at the lowest price. We are the best global provider of insurance organizations need!

Non-profit organization insurance coverage is important for groups traveling abroad, it can protect against liability, and is, in fact, required for many activities. Non-profit organizations traveling abroad need to make sure that they have the proper travel package to cover all those who participate in the trip and the activities. Insurance for non-profit organizations is a necessary requirement that provides protection based on the options selected.

Organizations, whether nonprofit, religious, or social, need coverage for any and all property owned or gifted to the organization. Organizations, be it a non-profit, fraternal organization, charitable group, and religious organizations, have a board that governs and protects it, and those who sit on the board are responsible for choosing the proper insurance policy. They need to ensure the policy is in place with the correct amount of coverage, to secure the organization from any type of damage or loss. At WellAway you’ll find a variety of insurance for non-profit organizations as well as organizational health insurance for expats, so don’t hesitate to give us a call, and learn more!