Religious-Based Health Insurance

Religious group health insurance provides the security travelers need when visiting destinations for religious reasons. These groups are required to carry the same insurance as any other organization and have a policy designed for all religious group coverage needs. Missionary work is one of the key reasons many people look for religious-based health insurance.

Traveling abroad with a religious group to serve underprivileged communities on a missionary trip comes with many risks. Often people add other options to their religious medical insurance like medical evacuation insurance or political evacuation insurance. Some religious health insurance plans add coverage for political evacuation, ransom, and kidnapping, or complete personnel coverage. Adding additional options is always a wise decision!

A comprehensive religious medical policy that covers everything from evacuation and repatriation is of great significance for groups visiting high-risk countries. A policy that covers medical expenses or a personal accident is just the start; it’s also important to have coverage for loss of limb, disability, or loss of life. A kidnap and ransom policy should be considered, as well, because wealth is relative, and there are some nations where these situations are common.

Our professionals at WellAway understand the unique requirements of a religious lifestyle. Some religious lifestyles come with dietary restrictions and other requirements surrounding behavior, dress, and rituals. Should you find yourself using the required health insurance at a hospital, a religious health insurance policy may ensure you’ll receive a diet that meets your religious requirements. We at WellAway understand the unique needs of our religious clientele, and strive to provide the best options!

Our religious group health insurance focuses on the needs of any religious groups. If you are traveling to visit historical sights, you might face a different set of risks than during missionary work. Here at WellAway, our team understands every religious travel and know what religious health insurance coverage you’ll need for any trip abroad. Reach out to our team to learn more!