Group Health Insurance Plans

The student organizations require medical insurance for traveling abroad, however, there’s a number of other types of insurance a student group might need. Student group insurance provides protection for student organizations traveling abroad; it provides coverage for a variety of student organization activities. Medical and/or political evacuation insurance may be added to a student group insurance policy, depending on the country they travel to.

Students, as well as student group organizations, must comply with laws in all locations where they operate. In most countries, it is a legal requirement to have health insurance for group organizations. That means a student group organization traveling abroad must ensure that they are in compliance with the laws of the country where they live and work, or visit, as well as have the necessary insurance for the whole group. The laws of the United States require student group organizations to carry insurance that protects every student studying in the US.

Groups of students who travel both in and out of the United States regularly, as well as exchange students and student organizations, must take extra care to ensure the safety of each person. Student organizations from abroad that bring students into the United States must also ensure their students are covered by health insurance that meets U.S. laws. WellAway provides the best coverage at a great price, and we are proud to say that we are globally recognized!

All in all, travel medical insurance is the key requirement for student organization trips abroad. Student group insurance policies from WellAway provide a variety of options to add to an insurance policy, such as evacuation insurance, which is an important option to consider depending on the location.

Our customers have access to an international network of private medical services around the globe, and we at WellAway ensure the best coverage options for student group insurance policy purchasers. Reach out to our professionals to learn more about student group insurance, today!