Young Adults Coverage Options

Youth groups are a great way for young adults to gain life experience while contributing to the betterment of the world. Youth camp insurance is just one example of how the youth insurance industry caters to our youth. Sending young individuals to camp has become an All-American rite of passage, where the focus is on teaching young adults useful skills. However, many events that take place during a youth camp can involve some risks.

Youth groups often take excursions outside the United States, which explain the need for international youth insurance. The risks when attending a youth camp are typically sporting events related, however, kids attending youth groups and summer camps abroad need to have extra coverage, just in case. Falling at camp is just one example of ways kids might be injured.

Parents may carry basic health insurance but for international travel, a unique type of medical travel insurance is needed. Before sending your children to a youth group, you should learn types of medical coverage you need to carry, and what youth camp insurance the organization carries. It’s important for parents to know what the requirements and coverage are before children are placed in the care of a youth group.

Ask your WellAway professional about adding options like medical or political evacuation, ransom and kidnapping, and other additions to your policy. We guarantee our team will find the perfect solution for your kid’s youth group. Give us a call, today, to learn more!