Personal Disability Insurance

How much of your income would be at risk if you had a disabling injury or illness?


Worker Compensation

Permanent total disability (PTD)

Covers individuals against permanent injuries or illnesses that hinder the ability to work, therefore impeding income. PTD will pay a lump sum amount to the individual after 12 consecutive months of disability.

Temporary total disability (TTD)

Coverage that protects an individual’s income when unable to work due to injury or illness. Varying excess periods can be chosen with benefit periods payable up to 60 months.

This plan is suitable for: Everyone

Keep in Mind

WellAway can address:

  • Continued mortgage payments
  • Home alteration costs
  • School fees
  • General cost of living

While the coverage we provide does not provide cover for these specific risks, the insurance payment(s) can be used for whatever costs the Insured person should incur. These insured benefits keep their families financially secure and provide peace of mind in periods of risk and uncertainty.

Key Benefits

With up to 5 million USD capacity for any one person, these benefits can be purchased to either supplement any coverage already in place or as a standalone coverage option. Always providing its holder with financial peace of mind.

  • WellAway Limited can provide a Permanent Disability benefit up to 10 times annual salary and income replacement (temporary total disablement) up to 75% of gross weekly wages.

Why WellAway?

We are a truly international private medical insurance company with health and lifestyle products for expatriates throughout the entire world. We aim to provide stability and security for individuals, families and groups on the forefront of globalization.

Our health programs excel in helping our members maintain good health and tranquility as they explore the world and build their life abroad. With professional customer service and expertise in the industry, our members feel at ease throughout the entire process. You are always our priority. Our cultural diversity allows members to be serviced with the utmost consideration for their expatriate lifestyle.