Individual Health Insurance Plans

Personal health care plans are excellent for small business owners, families, and people traveling or living abroad. People have a variety of choices when it comes to the personal health insurance plans offered through WellAway, that ensure you have all the coverage you need, at the right price!

WellAway’s personal health insurance policies are so popular that the options are virtually unlimited. Insurance plan through WellAway can range from basic coverage with a high deductible to a complex plan with zero deductibles. The unique nature of these policies allows you to determine what type of coverage you want, and need. Young healthy professionals in low-risk careers or government contractors with high-risk careers need personal health care plans since their needs are different, so is their budget.

Personal health plans offer choices for all types of things. One of the most common ones, that people like to add to a personal health insurance plan, includes the dental and vision options. Personal health insurance plans with dental and vision options are a great way to bundle your needs and coverage into one policy. Simplifying insurance by adding vision and dental is just one of the many ways WellAway works to serve you.

People who travel to high-risk nations can opt for additional coverage like medical or political evacuation, ransom and kidnapping insurance, loss of life, or loss of limb coverage. For an integrated package that covers you and your family while traveling or living abroad, feel free to question our team at WellAway, and ask for advice on how to combine personal health care plans with your lifestyle insurance needs.

WellAway offers a variety of individual and group insurance products for your personal health care plans. With comprehensive benefits and concierge service, you’ll be happy with the professionals who serve all your needs while covered by a WellAlway personal health insurance policy. Call us to learn more about personal health care plans!