Isabelle N.

WellAway Customer – February 9th, 2018

“Thanks for your wonderful help during my subscription to Wellaway.”

“Many thanks… I am now definitely settling in France and, if in the future I happen to live abroad again, I will be happy to come back to you. Thank you again for your kindness and efficiency.With best regards,”

Gustavo C.

France – October 26th 2017

Blandine P.

WellAway Customer – October 26th 2017

“Thanks again for the great customer service you provided. I really appreciated it.”

“Well, we are not going to congratulate ourselves indefinitely (!) but you have been super top notch throughout the ordeal… Thank you”

Jean T.

Wellaway customer – January 29th, 2017

Serge L.

WellAway Customer – March 8th 2018

“Merci Valerie. Vous etes un amour…” [English: Thank you Valerie. You are a love…]