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Our international services require comprehensive reach around the world. We are dedicated to keeping our clients and partners well informed to be better equipped for success. That said, we have curated a set of superior search platforms to find an adequate provider, institution or center of health, giving our clients the power of information.

US Providers


US PROVIDERS – AETNA Passport to Healthcare® ≡ ? ≡ Find U.S. Providers

We do the work for you. The U.S. healthcare system is complex and navigating its options can be a struggle. For that reason, we want you to take advantage of our experienced ConciergeCare counsellors, who are standing by to find a Select Provider* who has been vetted to give you the care and service you deserve, while keeping your expenses low. Call your personal counselor for guidance.

Search Aetna’s Passport to Healthcare® Primary PPO Network for a medical provider.

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For laboratory tests, visit our Select Provider – Quest Diagnostics.

For laboratory tests, visit our Select Provider – Quest Diagnostics.

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US PHARMACY NETWORK – EHIM ≡ ? ≡Find Your Pharmacy

Anywhere you go without interruption. Get instant resolutions with nationwide access. On the back of your WellAway I.D. card, you have the number to your Pharmacy Benefit Manager(PBM)’s concierge. Have a problem? In addition to unmatched access, your PBM concierge is standing by to assist you.

The WellAway Pharmacy Network powered by EHIM, allows you to access more than 62,000 pharmacies nationwide to service you anywhere you go without interruption.

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International Providers


INTERNATIONAL PROVIDERS ≡ ? ≡Find International Providers

We believe in networks without walls. WellAway members can go to any provider they want, knowing in advance which providers can best meet their needs. We have transformed network access to provide you with the freedom of choice and our provider recommendations to eliminate guesswork.

We have transformed network access to provide patients with the freedom of choice and our provider recommendations (based on cost and quality) to eliminate guesswork and provide quality care.

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INTERNATIONAL CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE ≡ ? ≡Find or Learn About A Center’s Grade & Accreditations

Click here to learn about and find the right organization that meets your needs leading practice organization.
Search for healthcare organizations that make the grade and demonstrated:
• A deep commitment to high-quality care
• A culture of safety for patients.
• Care delivery based on leading, evidence-based practices.
• Leadership in continuous compliance with exacting standard.

Find the tools you need to locate the best health care centers or hospitals of excellence in order to advocate for your rights as a patient.

Aren’t all hospitals safe? Sadly, no.

The Hospital Safety Grade scores hospitals on how safe they keep their patients from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections.